Julieta Castillo, Director, is a respected Filipino-American business woman who resides in suburban Chicago with her husband and family. She has dedicated her life to serving the Lord in all areas and is now answering God’s call to serve children and families in the Philippines, helping them to climb out of economic poverty and spiritual famine. With a heart of compassion and authentic love for those in need, Julieta established One Perfect Day Project International to address the needs of the people in the Batangas Region of the Philippines.

The mission of One Perfect Day Project International is to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to provide for some of their basic human needs and to educate adults, helping them move toward employment opportunities that will help to support their families.

Our vision is to build churches, centers for after-school programs, elementary schools and high schools, college and vocational institutions, and create leadership development programs. All facilities will provide educational opportunities committed to academic excellence that is Christ-centered.