Our Ministry Facility

One Perfect Day International has been provided a facility where children come together to make friends, play games, win prices, share faith and enjoy nutritional meals. Most importantly, the opportunity exists for them to learn Bible stories taught by teachers who care deeply for each child’s physical and spiritual needs. We believe that for what probably seems like a few moments of joy to each of these children, we are giving them the gift of that One Perfect Day, but a day we hope to repeat in each of their lives.



One Perfect Day Project International

Children living int he midst of poverty are among the most vulnerable in society, yet their potential is enormous. Though children are neglected, they are extravagantly loved by God. They hold a very special place in Jesus’ heart. Our focus on children is a direct response to God’s call to help those who are in need. We believe releasing children from the hopelessness of poverty allows them to place their ultimate hope in Christ.